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Canto Bags – Angel is in details

Canto Bags – Angel is in details

There is popular adage in Polish language – Devil stuck in details (when people don’t see mass of seeing the final product). In opposite we got an angel in details – he always says what is more important and better for our customers.

The Canto® brand owes its success on the domestic market, as well as on many European markets, the completeness of the offer (we have a lot of bags for very different instruments) and an attractive value for money. Our products protect the instruments of so many musicians that it is difficult for us to even estimate the order of magnitude.

We are proud to be one of the few in Europe who own and improve our domestic production department. We employ group of people in the production and sewing hall. Every day we produce several dozen covers, our production line makes bags for guitars, keyboard instruments, wind instruments, accordions and many, many others. In 2017, we launched the production of the most popular covers for loudspeakers. We are constantly expanding our assortment and introducing changes - only for the better.

We do not produce all covers in Poland, but unlike other brands, we constantly focus on quality control of our products. We also introduce improvements that have proved their worth in domestic products in a foreign factory.

What makes us different?

We turn zippers left* (change is not made in all products due technological reasons).

Many people wondering if it’s really significant change. Reply is very simple: teeth of zipper available outside can be mechanically damaged. When zipper is turned left – teeth are hidden and protected. Moreover – it really looks better!

We apply different, more durable and thicker foam.

Our foam has different characteristics. We used foam with harder characteristics - this makes the bag gain unprecedented stiffness. But it’s not everything: Products from Premium series have up to 4cm of foam all around the bag. This unique improvement on the market makes the bag a really safe place for your instrument. New Standard series has up to 3 cm of foam, for all Basic series applied 1,5 cm foam and Economic – 1cm* (not applicable to the ECONOMIC series of drum bags and the old Economic series with markings of 0.0 and 0.5). All the new products have the same stiff foam type.

New, pleasant linning material.

We put emphasis on a comfortable lining for your instrument. The new material in PRO-FLOCK technology, used instead of the usual stylon, is characterized by its durability and extremely pleasant structure. This technology in the STANDARD and PREMIUM series covers changes the way you look at the comfort of your stored instrument.

Angel’s details. A large zip handle with Canto engraving, a large pocket full of compartments for details needed on the go, additional pockets on the head in guitar bags and at the back of the keyboard bags, soft foam on the inner part of belts to make it even more comfortable, these are just some of the details that make you get an even more complete product.

Modern Design. Practical items don’t have to be non-attractive. You don't have to be ashamed of what you wear with your beloved instrument.


Is that all? No! We are constantly expanding our assortment of bags, so soon there will be even more bags in our offer, which are in line with the market demand. For demanding customers we have GIGBAG series - this is our original idea of hybrid bag and case. Thanks to the use of a polypropylene plate between the sponges, we get incredible stiffness, comparable to hard cases and, consequently, exemplary protection of the instrument.

Yes, we love instruments. Just like you.