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CANTO - Keyboardtasche SKB11 N

CANTO - Keyboardtasche SKB11 N
Symbol: 311460, Katalognummer: SKB11
der vorgeschlagene Einzelhandelspreis: 89.29 euro brutto



Standard Keyboard model 11
Maximum Keyboard dimensions:

Width (from left to right): 1520 mm
Lenght (from front to back): 500 mm
Height (from up to down): 200 mm (100mm on the front)

Kodura 600D
Foam: 30mm


- Soft material in PRO-FLOCK technology inside

- Holder with thick and soft edge

- belt with double bracket

- external huge pocket

- addtitional small pockets on side

- flat pocket on documents

Compatible with:
KORG - OASYS 88-klawiszy, Kronos RH3: 81, PA 588, PA 588, M3-88YAMAHA - MOTIF XS 8, MONTAGE 8, MOTIF XF 8